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Give monthly to support families rebuilding their lives.

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Resilience is . . . the process and outcome of successfully adapting to challenging life experiences (toughness); the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties.

Florida Resurrection House works to end the cycle of generational poverty and build long term stability for families in the Tampa Bay area. We are helping families build resilience.

Resilience Builders provide foundational support for families year round, as they work to build resilience on their journey to self-sufficiency. Your monthly gift provides caring, steady support for families, while they are doing the hard work of rebuilding their lives. Throughout our 1 to 3- year program, we provide families with support and resources - from intensive case management in a safe home on campus to basic food and hygiene items in the on-campus Food Pantry and Resource Room.

A gift as small as $10 or $20 a month becomes $120 or $240 a year! Your monthly gift has a powerful impact – and becomes the foundation of support that Florida Resurrection House families can rely on every day, all year long.

Be a Resilience Builder-- give monthly to transforms lives now and for generations to come!

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